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ChampChange - Be a champ... make some change!
Date Event Points
8/17   Adventures MSU  1000
8/22   Legend of the Bobcat  1000
8/28   MSU 101  1000
9/2   How to Navigate MSU  700
9/2   5 Keys to Student Success  700
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Spring semester is here and it's time to start earning ChampChange points!

Remember you can earn points all over campus! Every time you go to the gym, Math Center, Writing Center, MSU events or workshops you earn points. Win awesome prizes every week in online games and auction! See upcoming ChampChange events now for more ways to earn points.

ChampChange Auction Prizes Include

  • $1000 Tuition Scholarship
  • Apple Personal Computing Products
  • Gift Cards
  • Blu Ray Players
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier
  • Movies and Video Games
  • Digital Cameras and Video Cameras
  • Memory Sticks (USB drives)
  • Local Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • MSU logo-wear

Have a ChampChange Coupon and need to enter your code?

ChampChange is easier than ever, follow these instructions to see coupon points instantly:
1. Go to the Check Your Point Total page and log in with your NetID.
2. Once logged in select “Redeem a Coupon” and enter the code.
3. Done! It’s that easy and you can instantly see your points increase!

What is ChampChange?

ChampChange is a program developed to connect you to MSU’s academic and extra-curricular events and activities. We want all new students to feel engaged while attending  MSU, and what better way to become accustomed to your new home by earning points for fantastic prizes just by getting involved with all MSU has to offer?

ChampChange Auction Dates:

Thursday, February 6th-Online
Thursday, March 6th-Onine
Wednesday, April 23rd-Final ChampChange Auction Online
Grand Prize $1,000 Tuition Waiver

Dispute deadlines for Spring 2014 ChampChange:

February 14th 2014: Deadline for all January disputes
March 14th 2014: Deadline for all February disputes
April 15th 2014: Deadline for all March disputes
Last day to officially earn points: April 18th
April 21st 2014: Deadline for all April disputes
April 23rd 2014: ChampChange Spring Auction

Who can participate in ChampChange

ChampChange is now available for all Undergraduates! Start earning ChampChange at the beginning of each semester. Start amassing points now, because a giant flat-screen tv and many other sweet prizes await! As you progress through college we encourage you to particpate in school activities and continue developing on-campus relationships that will last a lifetime. Check out upcoming events to start earning points now.

When will ChampChange be posted?

All of your points are updated and posted online weekly.

Permanent Card Reader Locations:

Student Tickets: 500 Points
Writing Center: 700 Points
Fitness Center: 300 Points
BBCC WritingL 700 Points
Gallatin College Program: 500 Points
Math Lab: 500 Points
SUB Rec Center: 500 Points
Physics Help Center: 700 Points
Library Main Door: 300 Points
Reference Librarian Desk: 500
Vist Office of Student Success/Career Services: 700 Points
M&IE Help Center: 700 Points

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