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Mission Statement

ChampChange is an engagement incentive program for undergraduate students. Eligible students earn ChampChange points by attending workshops, tutoring sessions, learning centers, success appointments, fitness center, football games, and many other activities on campus. Students may use earned ChampChange points to purchase prizes at several auctions held throughout the semester. The Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success is in part with the overall university's effort to increase retention rates at MSU. Research has shown that students who feel connected to their university are more likely to persist to graduation. As a way to foster that connection, ChampChange encourages students to become active members in their community through participation in events and activities around campus.

How to Earn Points

Attend ChampChange sponsored student events and activities. All the events students can earn ChampChange from can be found on the upcoming events. Students can also earn ChampChange by swiping their Cat Card through one of our permanent readers, listed below. A student will earn 300 ChampChange points, which can be used towards monthly prizes, by going to the gym after class one day. If an essay is giving a student trouble, go to the writing center and earn 700 points. ChampChange is an easy way to get involved in campus activities and earn rewards for it!

Permanent Card Readers: Visit these locations and swipe your Cat Card
  • Student Tickets: 500 Points
  • Writing Center: 700 points
  • Fitness Center 300 Points
  • BBCC Writing: 700 Points
  • Gallatin College Program: 500 Points
  • Math Lab: 500 Points
  • Physics Help Center: 700 Points
  • Library Main Door: 300 Points
  • Reference Librarian Desk: 500 Points
  • Visit Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success: 700 points
  • M&IE Help Center: 700 points
  • SUB Rec: 500 points
  • ITC Help Desk Library: 500 points

ChampChange Auction Prizes Include

  • $1000 tuition check
  • MSU Hat
  • MSU Draw String Bag
  • Slow Cooker/ Crockpot
  • Mini Fan
  • Blu Ray Clearance
  • Desk Lamp
  • Backpack
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dumb and Dumber & Dumb and Dumberer DVD
  • Step Brothers DVD
  • MSU Thermal mug
  • Printer
  • Photo Line
  • Aladdin Mason Tumbler

Auction Dates

Online Auctions:
September 25th
October 23rd
Both are from 5-8 pm
Final Auction:
December 3rd
starts at 6 pm in the SUB Ballrooms

ChampChange - Be a champ... make some change!
Date Event Points
9/17   Maximize Your Study Skills  700
9/18   MSU Leadership Institute Open House  700
9/18   Effective Test Preparation  700
9/18   What Can I do with a Major in Physics?  700
9/20   Rockin' the "M"  700
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